form chemists able to perform innovative molecules in order to integrate them into electronic devices Or optical.

License, M1, M2


The LUMOMAT Engineering Curriculum (CMI: Cursus Master Engineering) can start from the first year of the license in Angers. It is also possible to integrate it at any time during the training.

This training offers additional courses more oriented towards taking up a position in a company.

M1, M2


The LUMOMAT Master's Curriculum brings together M1 and M2 in 3 cities in the Great West: Angers, Nantes and Rennes. 

The M1 will be done either in Nantes or in Rennes, and the M2 in Angers.

LUMOMAT offers work-study throughout the Master's course (M1 and M2).

M1, M2


Work-study programs are offered in M1 in Rennes, and in M2 in Angers.

The work-study program is an excellent opportunity to combine theory and practice and to apply the knowledge learned in class in the field while being paid.


International dual degree

LUMOMAT maintains partnerships with theTaras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Ukraine), theLebanese University of Beirut (Lebanon), as well as theWrocław Polytechnic School (Poland).

The LUMOMAT international double degree allows students from these universities and holders of an M1 chemistry / physics-chemistry, to integrate the M2 LUMOMAT.

D1, D2, D3


Students have the opportunity to continue their LUMOMAT training towards a thesis in the 4 partner laboratories in Angers, Nantes or Rennes.

It is also possible to carry out your thesis in partnership with a company (CIFRE thesis) or another university in France or abroad.





EUR LUMOMAT training offers many advantages.

THE applications for mobility assistance and attractiveness grants are done on the page Funding.

Master's internship

In a company or in a laboratory, two internships are offered during the LUMOMAT master's degree:

  • 3 months minimum in M1
  • 5 months minimum in M2
A accompaniement is offered to students in their search for an internship. A mobility grant may also be granted for students carrying out their internship abroad. Below, a world map internships carried out by our students: