Scientific coordinators of the LUMOMAT SUMMER SCHOOL

Piétrick Hudhomme (MOLTECH Anjou), Stéphane Diring (CEISAM) and Olivier Galangau (ISCR) are the three scientific organizers of the SUMMER SCHOOL EUR LUMOMAT.

Pietrick Hudhomme received his PhD from the University of Nantes in 1990 for research on multi-step asymmetric synthesis of cephalosporin antibiotics. After post-doctoral research on the synthesis of antithrombotic drugs at the University of Sussex, he became Associate Professor at the University of Nantes (1991). His research activities moved to the synthesis of organic materials and he was appointed Professor at the University of Angers (1998) in the laboratory MOLTECH-Anjou. His research interests encompass the organic synthesis of functional electroactive molecules for applications in molecular electronics, solar energy conversion and supramolecular chemistry.

Stephane Directing received his PhD degree in molecular chemistry from the University of Strasbourg in 2009. He then joined the group of Prof. Kitagawa in Kyoto as a postdoctoral fellow and was then appointed assistant professor in the Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences, Kyoto University. Since 2014 he is working as a CNRS researcher in Nantes University. His research interests include supramolecular chemistry, photo-redox active MOFs and artificial photosynthesis.

Olivier Galangau obtained his PhD in chemistry in 2011 from Ecole Normale Supérieur de Cachan, under the supervision of Prof. P.Audebert. Following his postdoctoral training with Prof. T. Kawai at NAIST (Japan), he moved to Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes (France) working with Dr. F. Pointillart. Since October 2018, he joined the group of Prof. S. Rigaut as CNRS research fellow. He is interested in developing new type of smart molecular/supramolecular materials, combining light- and/or electro-switchability for applications in organic (organometallic) electronics.

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