Conférence CEISAM – 15 mai

Ally Aukauloo (Université Paris-Saclay) donnera une conférence le lundi 15 mai à 15h15 salle Marie Curie.

Le sujet de sa conférence portera sur: « Organic semiconductors and molecular complexes for artificial photosysnthesis ».

« Artificial photosynthesis aims to reproduce the catalytic power of enzymes from the capture of sunlight to strip electrons and protons from water to reduce CO2 or uses light to activate O2 to perform oxidation chemistry in a selective way. I will discuss on our recent results in these research thrusts:
i) Organic semiconductors for the water splitting reaction
ii) CO2 to CO transformation with iron porphyrins catalysts

While often trapping intermediates following chemical and electrochemical pathways are tedious, using a photoredox module to interrogate the light driven activation processes can be alternative and elegant route.

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